How To Set Up Your Facebook Campaign For Greatest Impact

In our last article titled How To Get The Facebook Algorithm On Your Side, we talked about how to deliver easy wins to the Facebook Algorithm so you can get the results you want from your Facebook Campaign.

The Next Step For Your Facebook Campaign

There are three core things you need to set up before you launch your Facebook Campaign.

  1. The Facebook Pixel
    That piece of code that tracks every action between your website and Facebook.
  2. Thank You Page
    When they land here, you know your Facebook Ad just worked!
  3. The Conversion Event
    This is how you let the algorithm know what a “conversion” means for you.


Every Facebook Ad Account comes with one, unique pixel assigned to it.  This Pixel is used to track your webpage traffic and your ad conversions.

Simply put, Facebook allocates a piece of code called your “Facebook Pixel” to your ad account and then you place that piece of code onto every page of your website.

It effectively builds a bridge between your Facebook Page and your Website. It allows you to understand what is working, what isn’t and consequently enables you to adjust your ad strategy appropriately.

Start By Creating A Facebook Pixel


Facebook Pixel for Your Facebook CampaignFrom your Facebook Page, click on the Drop Down Arrow at the far right of your screen and select Manage Ads.

  1. In Ads Manager you will click on three lines in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, the hamburger menu as they call it and then go to Events Manager
  2. Click Connect Data Sources and select
  3. Select Facebook Pixel and click Connect.
  4. Add your Pixel Name.
  5. Enter your website URL to check for easy setup options.
  6. Click Continue.

The Next Step Is To Add The Facebook Pixel To Your Website

Facebook Pixel Facebook Campaign

You can do this yourself or ask your web developer to do it for you. If you are using a website platform like Strikingly, Kajabi, Squarespace etc. it is really simple to add the Facebook Pixel.

Go to the “Integrations Section” in your chosen platform and look for the Facebook Integration option. It is there you will paste your unique code and the platform will do the rest of the work for you.

If you aren’t using one of these user friendly platforms, ask your web developer to do it for you or reference the Facebook Guide on Setting Up a Facebook Pixel HERE for more information.


*Insider Tip

Use the Facebook Pixel Helper to check if your Pixel is firing correctly before you go to the next step. Click To Tweet


For every Facebook Campaign you run there needs to be a page that directly indicates success.

Success is usually indicated by a Thank You Page – thank you for registering, thank you for downloading, thank you for your purchase etc.

If your customer lands on the thank you page, then it’s reasonable to assume that they registered, downloaded or purchased something from you.

We need this “indicator” of success so that we know which pieces of our marketing have worked for which offering.

Make Your Thank You Pages Unique

it’s best to have a unique Thank You Page for everything we do e.g. I have a unique Thank You Page when someone signs up to my Planning Webinar, another Thank you page for my How To Get Started on Instagram Checklist and yet another for a purchase of my Get Strategic Get Results! online marketing program and so on.

When you set up your Facebook Ad you will “tell” Facebook the URL of your unique Thank You Page so that the algorithm knows when a successful “conversion” happens.

*Insider Tip:

Your Thank You Page is not only an “indicator of success”, it’s also an opportunity to deepen your relationship or “convert” again. Click To Tweet

We discuss this in greater detail in the Customer Journey Module in Get Strategic Get Results! Find out more here.



This is where we finish building that bridge between Facebook and your website. We set up a “conversion event” so that Facebook understands what a conversion means to you. Take each step here with me so that you follow along.

  • From your Facebook Page click on the Drop Down Arrow at the far right of your screen and select Manage Ads.
  • In Ads Manager you will click on three lines in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, the hamburger menu as they call it. Then under Events Manager you will see Custom Conversions, select that.
  • In the upper right-hand corner once the screen loads there is a Create Custom Conversion button that you will click. It is the blue button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  • A box will pop up on your screen and this is where you will create the actual custom conversion which tells Facebook what you want to track as the conversion for this Facebook Campaign.

Facebook Campaign


Just Follow These Steps:

  • Under Website Event on the right-hand side click All URL Traffic.
  • You have the option of choosing “URL Contains” or “URL Equals”. Select “URL Equals”.
  • Then, right here where it says Add URL Keywords you just paste the URL of your thank-you page.
  • Under “Name”, enter a description of this campaign e.g. Get Strategic Get Results.
  • Under Category there is no right or wrong on this one but choose one that fits best for you – it could be lead, a subscription, a purchase etc.
  • Under Value, this is an optional field. It is more advanced and it is most important to complete if the thank you page is after a sale. So, say for example they buy a course, or an apron, or a t-shirt, enter the value of the item here.
  • It’s so useful if you want to track the relationship between your Facebook Advertising Spend and the actual sales you made as a direct result of the Facebook Ad Campaign.


Once you’ve filled out all these fields just click the blue Create Button and Voila! You have created your custom conversion.

And you’re all set. You’ve got the three fundamental pieces of your Facebook Campaign set up.

Now you can get more strategic with your Facebook Ad campaigns.

You’ll be able to see which Facebook Campaigns work and which don’t.

Remember they form part of an overall strategy.

One campaign may be a top of the funnel, brand awareness type of campaign.

Another may be a Conversion campaign built around the traffic you generated in the first campaign.

This is about building an engine that delivers the results you want for your business. You need to see how all the parts of the engine work together. And when they do… you get to have the business you always dreamed of having.


Get Strategic Get Results


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