Stories of Transformation

These are the words that make it all worth it. I thank you all for them. 

100%. I would say that Finola is a master at marketing but that is only the tip of the ice-berg. I would say that there is literally no-one better to work with and if you get the chance to do her programme and get any time with her you should grab it with both hands.

Because you will be nourished and supported in a way that is warm and gentle but kindly leaves you no space to hide behind your bullshit. Finola has a magic quality to her work, there is no space for darkness when you are in front of her light. 

Sally Murphy

Having worked with Finola from 'How Great Marketing Works' on the 'Get Strategic Guided Programme' I can only say it was incredible, and if you really want to get to know the whole of your business and yourself inside out, then "DO IT"

Her style of mentoring is refreshing and leaves you with insights and knowledge about things you probably hadn't even though about, yet!
I can highly recommend Finola and her excellent mentorship, she understands the stages of business inside out and if you are willing to participate fully and learn you will not be disappointed.

Mary Farrelly

You share content that pulled me out of my comfort zone. Made me do what I was avoiding. I found some parts too hard to do on my own so it was great to be able to do a private session with you Finola.

Your insights are brilliant and you read people and a business with precision. You can see brilliance in people before they can see it themselves.

You held people accountable with kindness and support. You held a space for people to ferment, ponder, think and realise.
So much of my marketing is fragmented! Your Guided Program connects the dots. Puts consistency to it and syncs it with the business as a whole.

If you want to crack your marketing for once and for all. If you are tired of getting parts of your marketing right or having to re-do parts over and over because it didn't work or feel right. Join How Great Marketing Works with Finola Howard. It's a decision you will look back on and say that is when there was a shift in my business!

Ciara Feely

Your gentle approach, your support - these were key ingredients for me. The format of having us all share an issue and get each other's feedback could be long at times, but it was worth it for the gems that came out, and the solid (I felt!) relationships, and trust, that formed.

Setting the "safe" parameters was also really comforting, especially at the beginning, but I like that you do it every time - we are in a safe space which is so important not only from a business point of view but psychologically.

I am a very slow-burn type, it seems. But when I look back at what actually happened in 2020, I'm astonished. And when I look at my plan for 2021, i'm emboldened. Thank you!!!!! That's your influence.
ACCOUNTABILITY! That's another big one for me - having to face you all, having to express my problems, having to go do something about it, having to face you all again - this process was powerful for me.

Pam Butler

When I started the program my business was very much in flux. I'd been trading for a few years, but knew that I needed more clarity and focus on where I was going, how I wanted to operate and ultimately what my "big picture" looked like. I got all that, and so much more.

The journey through the program was very "onion-like" for me, as I peeled back the layers of my business, but also myself!

But the results were transformative - each stage put a building block in place for the next. That in combination with Finola's sage advice, expert guidance and gentle encouragement to dig a little deeper & push a little further, as well as the support, insight and knowledge of my fellow masterminders helped me bring my business to a place I couldn't have reached alone.

The Guided program enabled me join the scattered dots of my business into a clear, connected path and put in place the processes and framework I need to grow to the next stage - as well as giving me the confidence to know I can do it.

If you're ready to get serious, fed up trying to do it all alone and feel like you're drowning in a sea of business advice then don't wait, take the plunge and join the programme. You won't regret it.

Sarah Hanstock

Whether you are wondering if you are marketing your business the right way or if you are working your way through Get Strategic but still have loads of questions, the Guided program gives you a great place to ask all your questions and get answers and feedback from the expert and others in the same boat.

Finola is simply outstanding at getting under the skin of your business (and you!) and gives you actionable strategies that will transform your way of thinking and of doing business.

Lucy O'Reilly

I have already recommended it to several people. I thought I was signing up for a marketing course, but I got so much more.

The programme helped me dig deep into my business, to really understand what I do, why and how.

It helped me elevate and grow my business with confidence. Finola's expertise and the group sessions were excellent. I can't recommend this programme highly enough! 

Maureen McCowen

I can't recommend this programme enough. There's everything you need to grow your business. The entrepreneur's journey can be a very lonely one. With this programme, you're part of a group of likeminded people here to lift each other.

Finola created this non-judgemental space where we can all be ourselves in our own business journey. She shares her incredible wisdom and insight. I learnt so much from her. I can't begin to thank her for everything she's done for me.

Karina Taoughlist

I would highly recommend you personally Finola and have done already and of course the Guided Program. 

You definitely know How Great Marketing Works and your beautiful easy going nature is a massive bonus. 

The Guided Program is a must for anyone who has the bones of a business idea and just needs that push to step into their greatness.  It offers a powerful suite of tools to take your business to the next level.

Jo Flood

The Guided program allowed me the space to grow as a person, which I discovered along the journey is the structure and foundation of my business.

It eliminated all the external noise, allowing me to focus on rediscovering my why.  As the belief in myself and my abilities blossomed so did my business.

I cannot ever thank you enough for such a wonderful safe space and platform, it has made the world of difference in my life and business.

Rachel Dubber

Taking part in the Guided Program was a fantastic experience. It gave me the time and space I needed to figure out the path I want to take in my business.

I felt privileged to be able to do that in such a warm, safe and supportive environment, with the deep wisdom and insights of the group - and of course, the lovely Finola.

I would be delighted to recommend this program to others. 

Marina Branigan

This program and Finola has made an enormous contribution to my development as a marketer. Don’t expect that everything will be easy and you’ll know what to do right away. It demands your hard work, but it pays off.

Guided by Get Strategic is great not only for marketers, but also for business owners who get stuck with something and do not know which way to follow.

I received valuable feedback and a lot of insights and recommendations from amazing people. I can strongly recommend this program and cooperation with Finola!

Iza Chaber Lipecka
Global Digital & Growth Marketing Director, Software One