The Powerful Planner

with Finola Howard

The 6 page Planning System that will revolutionise how you grow & manage your business.

You'll finally have the clarity you need to stay focused and achieve the results you want from your business. 


The Powerful Planner‚ĄĘ will get you excited about making plans.¬†

Because this time, you know you will achieve the results you want!

What If...

You had system that helped you distill all the ideas you had for growing your business.

A system that prioritised each idea and helped you craft a path to take your business on an upward trajectory that you could believe in and deliver on. 

  • What if... it was a simple one page system so you could focus your attention only on what matters at every stage.
  • What if... your health and wellbeing was part of this process. That your humanness was honoured and nothing had to be sacrificed for your business success.¬†

Well, that's what the powerful planner is. A simple system that keeps your focus in the right place and creates space for you to live your life in the present too. 

This is a system that works. I know because I use it every single day. It took me a long time to figure it out and now I want to share it with you.

I hope you'll join me on this journey to next level success in a way that is filled with ease as opposed to hustle.


Focus is the key deliverable here.

And that can move mountains!

The Powerful Planner is for you if you've felt the frustration of planning that never. delivers.

You've had enough. You are ready to:
  • Get the fundamentals right so you know what the end game looks like, have chosen customers that fit and have a range of offerings that solve their pain points in a way that helps you scale your business.
  • Identify the growth levers you need¬†to yield the results you want and push you to the next level. You're not waiting any longer for the level of success you want AND deserve.
  • Learn how to harvest each level of growth ¬†so you can¬†keep doing it year on year.
  • Launch your marketing campaigns¬†at predetermined intervals so that they deliver a predictable cash flow every year.¬†
  • Plan the essence of each campaign¬†now¬†(even your outline content) so last-minute marketing becomes a thing of the past.
  • Find the gaps in your revenue flow now so you can plug them well ahead of time.
  • Understand & use the key metrics that will keep you focused and inspire you to stay on track, adjusting where necessary.
Julie Meehan Testimonial

‚ÄúFinola's planning process has been illuminating! It has shone a light on what I have already done this year and what my key priorities are to maintain and promote growth. It has reminded me to stay focused, and if I attend to each step one at a time, the bigger steps feel so much more attainable.¬†‚ÄĚ

Dr Julie Meehan, Clinical Psychologist, Parent Guide and Imperfect Parent

The Powerful Planner

What's Inside


Module 1 - The Fundamentals

In this module we'll do a sense check on what you want to achieve with your business so you have clarity for the years ahead. Then we'll look at choosing your customers, figuring out which products or services will solve their pain best and how you can entice them to try, then buy again and again.


Module 2 - Let's Plan!

We'll start from the top down with your Big 5 Year Plan, distilling that firstly into your Annual Plan and then into your Quarterly Plan. The plan that focuses on what you need to do today to deliver the longer term bigger picture.

We'll organise your thinking around the product journey you take your customers on to solve their pain and align that with the practical campaigns you need to run each year to hit your financial targets.

We'll look at the key numbers to make sure they are possible based on where you are in the marketplace and we'll organise each campaign, so you are not competing with yourself and confusing your customers. 

We'll make sure you stay on track by understanding your Key Financial Metrics and the Key Content Metrics so you understand the connection between your marketing and your sales at long last.


Wrapping It Up

You've got a simple system that finally works for you. I'll share the key things to keep in mind and your best next steps to keep you on track. And here's the bonus, once you've worked through all 6 plans in the system; you'll only ever need to pay attention to 3 working plans thereafter. Simple is best remember and in this case; less is more. 

This is a powerful system that will help you see your business clearly,
plan with confidence because you'll know it's deliverable and use the metrics to make it even better!

The 6 Page Powerful Planner



I believe in this process so much, I even did a podcast episode on it. Listen in to hear me speak about it. 

By the end of this programme,
you'll have mastered:



Your objectives for your business will be tangible, you'll have chosen customers that fit, created an offering that solves their pain and identified the right lead magnet to bring them into your ecosystem. 


5 Year Plan Template

You'll have chosen a future you can believe in and will have mapped a path to get from here to there. You'll have identified your key achievements to mark your path to success, one year at a time. 


Annual Plan Template

You'll take that bigger picture and focus on what matters for this year, what needs to be accomplished to move the needle in each quarter. It integrates the strategy, the action and your own wellbeing all in one place. 


90 Day Planning Template

You'll distill again and break your strategy into monthly actions. Your focus will be sharp & you'll measure the impact on sales and your own wellbeing every month. This is a long game and you'll pace yourself to be present at every step.


Align the Product Journey Template

You'll stop thinking about selling individual products or services and focus on taking your customers on a journey to solve their pain. This is product stacking with your customers in mind and increases your revenue potential over time. 


Integrated Sales & Marketing Calendar Template

You'll map the year's campaigns & content ahead of time and in a way that converts into sales. No more last minute campaigns. This time you'll be prepared and that means you'll hit the numbers you want to hit.


Financial & Key Metrics Scorecard

You'll keep your business on track by focusing on the right metrics so you can keep score on a weekly basis; cashflow, debtors, work in progress, prospects and how each piece of  content impacts those numbers. We  measure them all and how they connect in one place. 

"There are dreamers, and there are planners;
the planners make their dreams come true."


Edwin Louis Cole

Once you complete this short course you will become the Powerful Planner.

You'll feel more in control of your business because you will have placed the power back in your own hands. 

You'll make decisions quickly because you'll be clear on what you want to achieve and how you'll make that happen.  

You will learn which metrics matter and how to use them to adjust when you need to, ramping up what works and letting go of what doesn't; confident in the insights those numbers bring you. 

Position with Purpose - Dates

What are you waiting for?

Get this system now and use it to make a plan that you can deliver on!

The 6 Page Powerful Planner


Finola Howard

Hey there, I’m Finola 

I’m a Growth Strategist with an intuitive marketer’s heart, Host of the top ranked podcast; Your Truth Shared, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneurial Champion and that’s just the business stuff!

My passion is in helping business owners and entrepreneurs position themselves to take that next growth leap with a sense of ease because they know it's right for them. I take that same approach with The Powerful Planner. 

I was honoured to be listed in the Top 100 Trailblazers for 2023, one of the Top 30 Marketers who inspire in 2022 and some other accolades that I'm equally proud of. Most of all I'm honoured to take the journey with you and share what I've learned over the last 25+ years that works.  

Let's make every year your best year in business yet!

That's the secret to real growth. Consistent actions focused on what will move the needle towards your next level success. This is about putting your effort into everyday actions that deliver long term results.

The Powerful Planner delivers that clarity and focus so you can do, just that. No more meandering, just results!

And if it doesn't, I'll give you your money back!*

*Just show me that you applied the system fully to your business.