Planning Your Success for 2024

Learn How To Simplify what you want to Accomplish in 2024 with my One Page Formula that will capture the Thinking, the Doing AND the Feeling all in One Place.

And We'll Do It Together in Real Time! 

Two Dates:
Tuesday, 30th January at 4.30pm Irish Time
Wednesday, 31st January at 12pm Irish Time

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It's a time to make choices about what you want to achieve in 2024 and how that can fit into something bigger for the business you want to build. 

This can often be the most challenging piece. How do you figure out what's more of the same and what will move the needle? 

How do you do it in a way that feels good too? I mean it's got to be worth it, doesn't it?

Join me for this hands on workshop style masterclass, where we focus on just that AND help you prioritise what matters, when and in what order.  

This is a jampacked session that takes 90 minutes that you will benefit from, for the rest of 2024 and beyond.

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"There are dreamers, and there are planners;
the planners make their dreams come true."



This is About Writing a Plan
That You Can Deliver On!

It's soul destroying to invest time and effort into something that never materialises. Planning is one of those things that's laced with "shoulds" instead of practical possibilities.

So many plans are written for other people; for lending institutions, investors, awards, grant aid and others. 

The most important person your annual plan should be written for is you. It's your business, your timeline, your resources and your dream. 

When you start your planning process by writing it for you and how you'll feel as you implement it, you've cracked the first key ingredient for successful delivery. 

Let's Do This Together!



Tuesday, 30th January at 4.30pm Irish Time
Wednesday, 31st January at 12pm Irish Time


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In this FREE 90 Minute Workshop Style Masterclass You Will Learn:

That You've Got To Align Your Thinking and Doing for Any Plan To Work.

You've got to Feel it's Possible so you don't Burn yourself out before you Get it All Done!

You Need To Focus on What Matters Most, Consistently.

How To Write a Plan That Moves the Needle

You'll Focus on Activities that Multiply Your Reach & Impact.

Your To Do List Has No Place Here. This is about the strategic actions you can take that change the course of your business.

To Understand The Numbers That Drive Your Business

The Numbers Matter! Every revenue stream will make sense as part of the whole strategy.

You'll measure at every step so you can see your progress and adjust as you go.

To Believe You Can Deliver on Your Own Plan 

You won't overstretch yourself because your health is part of the plan.

You'll know why you're doing what you're doing so you'll finally have a plan that you can stick to. 

Register to download the workbook that we'll be using in the masterclass

This is a hands on workshop style masterclass so I always provide a workbook in advance. That way you can be thinking about what you want to achieve and how you want to feel in 2024 before we meet.

We'll use my Proven One Page Method that will  capture the thinking, the doing  AND the feeling all in one place.

This will help you focus on what matters most and you'll be able to test your ideas in the break out rooms during the session. That means you will walk away with a draft plan that you can believe in.

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What are you waiting for?

Join this exclusive webinar and write a plan that you can deliver on!

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It's time to make a plan for your business that you can believe in. 

Work days where you know exactly what you need to do and why you're doing it. No more second guessing. 

When you have a plan that you believe in you'll feel more confident in everything you're doing as an entrepreneur. 

Here's the thing, I completely understand what it feels like when you're trying to decide what the next best course of action for your business is. 

It can feel overwhelming and it's easy to overstretch yourself. We think those extra hours are just a temporary measure and then they become the norm. It's simply not worth it. You never get that time back. 

Let's Flip The Thinking On Planning!

You know you need a plan to grow your business but the effort into writing it has to be worth it too. 

So, I created this simplified approach so that you can get it done faster, focusing on what matters most and investing what you are willing to give of yourself and your resources. It's just got to make sense! 

I did my own plan this year in just 90 minutes. The same time we'll spend together on this masterclass. 

Ready to make a plan that works for you? Let's do this!

All the best

Finola x

The biggest win for me was feeling more aligned. I had already set my goals for 2023 with bullet points underneath for how I would achieve them and I had broken the work down by quarter.

BUT thinking about the bullets as levers is very powerful to me - terminology matters!

Adding in the layer of financial info - how many units I need to sell and number of clients each quarter to make those numbers made it all very real.

I also love the word of the year - mine is POSITIVE IMPACT, which is driving me along every day.

Having everything on one page is also very clever because it's now sitting on one page in my head, which it wasn't before.

Claire Connell

I attended Finola's online webinar 'Planning your success for 2023'. I was nervous to attend this, even online through zoom as I get anxious in new social settings with people I do not know. Instantly Finola's warm personality made me feel at ease.

The knowledge nuggets Finola shared throughout the webinar helped me brainstorm and develop a plan for my year ahead. Hearing from others during the workshop made me think about things from different perspectives and made that little lightbulb above my head flash.

I would recommend the webinar to anyone wanting a fresh look on not only how to set your goals but the steps you need in place to achieve them. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Thanks Finola!

Megan O'Kane

Finola's session on Planning, was one of the best investments of the year.

In an hour and a half I left with a manageable, repeatable plan suitable for my business goals.

The session was not about fancy concepts or a thousand complicated steps, but down-to-earth tips and examples based on the experience/situation of the audience.  

I'll definitely be there for the next one!

Paula Zucherelli

Hey there, I’m Finola 

I’m a Growth Strategist with an intuitive marketer’s heart, Host of the top ranked podcast; Your Truth Shared, Author In Transit, Speaker, Entrepreneurial Champion and that’s just the business stuff!

My passion is in helping business owners and entrepreneurs position themselves to take that next growth leap with a sense of ease because they know it's right for them. I'll be using that same approach for this masterclass. 

I was honoured to be listed in the Top 100 Trailblazers for 2023, one of the Top 30 Marketers who inspire in 2022 and some other accolades that I'm equally proud of. Most of all I'm honoured to take the journey with you and share with you what I've learned over the last 25+ years that works.  

Let's Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet!

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