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The Powerful Planner

The 6 Page Planning System that will revolutionise how you manage your business

You'll Learn How To Get The Fundamentals right for your planning incl.  Your Purpose, Choosing Your Customer, Aligning your Products with what they need and how to help them consider you.

Once you've the fundamentals in place, you're ready for the 6 Page Planning Process. 6 Interconnected Snapshots that give you the whole picture of your business. They are:

  1. Your Five Year Plan Template
  2. Your Annual Planning Template
  3. Your 90 Day Planning Template
  4. Align the Product Journey Template
  5. Integrated Sales & Marketing Calendar Template
  6. Financial & Key Metrics Scorecard

That's 6 Editable Planning Templates with Prefilled Real Life Examples To Help You Manage Your Growth With Freedom & Ease