Just Breathe by Ze Frank

You’ll be fine… Just Breathe…

The journey of the entrepreneur is a challenging one filled with highs and lows in an attempt to make our dreams come true.

We need to be brave and careful with those dreams in equal measure.

And sometimes we need to just breathe.

We need to take a moment, empty our minds of even the reassurances we give ourselves, in order to keep going…

and just breathe…

Meet Ze Frank

Several years ago I came across this wonderful TED Talk from this amazing performance artist and performer Ze Frank.

You will be warmed by his experiments in humanity.

In 2006 he called on his fans to write his show for him.

And as a result, his fans have prompted him to write songs, create videos and web games.

In this TED Talk he tells this story of an email he got from someone who was a little overwhelmed.

Let me share this clip with you… and I hope you’ll find yourself singing it when you most need to…





In my work with entrepreneurs, there have often been times when I’ve seen clients get overwhelmed.

In fact, there have been plenty of times when I’ve been a bit overwhelmed myself.

It’s just part of the journey.

I’ve always found that statement of “Just Breathe” to really help.

What’s even better is listening to the song.

The song has become known as the Chillout Song and you can download it HERE.

So this blog post is dedicated to anyone who is feeling a little overwhelmed right now.  This will pass.

And all together now…

Hey You’re Okay…

You’ll be fine…

Just Breathe…

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