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Make Get Strategic The Growth System To Unlock Your Success

Every business evolves the closer they get to their customer… or that should be the intention anyway. And as we grow we become more attuned to their needs and wants. It’s why listening is so important in the growth process.

I often find that in the effort to hear our customers more, we often hear our own voices all the louder.  We start to hear a reflection of our own mission and purpose. It starts to come in with greater clarity as if someone had wiped the fuzziness away so we could see more clearly.

Clarity is what is called for here.

And clarity in turn often becomes a call for courage. I’ve seen it so often with clients and I’ve often been an external voice to make that call. It’s a call for alignment between what we offer to our customers and why we started our business in the first place.

That is what happened here. This is what happened to me!

Get Strategic Needed to Grow!

Get Strategic… needed to grow beyond it’s online course and map status.  Yes, it’s incredibly invaluable to know that the journey is mapped out and there is a way to access the information you need on this journey by using this map. It is a very useful and practical part of any growth system and I am very proud of how many people it’s helped over the years.

But I needed to offer more. I needed to offer the other components of success that I’ve seen make a difference in so many companies.


Get Strategic Needed to Evolve Into A Growth System!

25+ Years of working with businesses of all shapes and sizes has taught me 4 Simple Things:

  1. Having a Map Smooths The Journey
  2. Asking for Feedback Keeps You On Track!
  3. Plugging In Experts Shortens Your Learning Curve!
  4. A Thinking Partner Can Hold The Vision When You Can’t

And I needed to ensure that members of the Get Strategic Growth System would be able to avail of these 4 Ingredients for Success in a way that was affordable and accessible and so without further ado, here it is:


Get Strategic Growth System


  1. Get Strategic… Get Results! – The Course / Your Map to Success!
    The idea is, that you have the freedom to choose what level of support you want on your journey. You can take the Get Strategic course (which is your map) and be part of the community of other members on the course. Sometimes that’s all someone needs to push through.
  2. Get Strategic… Stay On Track!
    You can get feedback on something you are working on with Get Strategic… Stay on Track. It could be a piece of marketing that you are testing or a worksheet you want to dig deeper into.  Your feedback is recorded so you can replay it time and time again. It’s proven really invaluable for so many members and I think you will really enjoy it.
  3. Get Strategic… Add an Expert!
    You can choose to work with one of our panel of experts with Get Strategic… Add an Expert. I like to think of this as your accessible Board of Directors. They are all hand picked by me and come from a wide range of backgrounds – everything from HR, Finance, GDPR and of course some wonderful sales & marketing specialists too. I am perhaps most proud of this offering. I’ve found a way to facilitate access to some of the best people I know to help you and they have all agreed to one price no matter who you choose to work with each month.
  4. Get Strategic… Think Big Picture!
    And lastly, you can choose to have it all with Get Strategic… Think Big Picture!. A personalised plan for your own growth with me as your Thinking Partner to guide you on the journey.

    Moving through the Get Strategic course will not only help you grow but will give us a short hand in how we work together. You will get feedback on each initiative you take every month. And, you still have access to the Full Expert Panel so you can work with the expert you need at each point in your journey.

    The added extra is that you have someone by your side to guide and push you to the next level in a very connected way, knowing that I’ve helped so many businesses achieve success already.  I will be your Thinking Partner on this journey.

Make Get Strategic The Growth System To Unlock Your Success

So there you have it! Get Strategic has evolved into a Growth System. One you can tap into at whatever level works best for you.

I hope to see you on the journey.

The view is pretty amazing from where I’m standing 😉


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