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Are you ready to build the business you've always dreamed of ? 

To live life on your own terms.


Are you Ready To Make That Dream Real?

AND maybe a little nervous about what it takes to make that happen?  Don't worry I've got your back! I'm Finola Howard and I've been mapping this journey to success for over 25 years so I've figured out the pitfalls and the opportunities that are just waiting for you to grab them with both hands.

We're just going to take it step by step.  

Do you find yourself hesitating when you think about the marketing piece...

and all the advice out there on how to market your business a bit overwhelming?

Are you starting to think your dreams are impossibly far off?

Perhaps even that you need to build your bread and butter business first and then pursue your dreams later?

So many entrepreneurs find themselves starting with a great dream and then it gets diluted and diluted so much that the reality bears no resemblance to why they started their business in the first place.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Get Strategic Get Results is a marketing program like no other.

It walks you through how to build a business that matches your dream.

You will discover how to do marketing that feels like you and really connects with the right customers for you.

You will learn that there is a map for business success and you get to choose your own pathway through it.


“If you're ready to get serious, fed up trying to do it all alone and feel like you're drowning in a sea of business advice then don't wait, take the plunge and join the programme. You won't regret it.” - Sarah, Biz Systems & Automation

You are already successful at what you do.

Now it’s time to be successful in your marketing.

Yes! No more wishing you didn’t have to do marketing. No more feeling that you’re putting in all that effort and not seeing a return. 

When you Get Strategic you will Get Results and they will happen faster than you imagined because you are going to choose to do your marketing in a different way.

BONUS! Register Today and Join the 12 Week Challenge & Group Coaching Program. 

We'll start by understanding where you are in your specific business. You'll be guided through each module in weekly group coaching sessions on zoom with me, Finola Howard. I'll map a series of actions each week that will create the biggest impact for you from each module. 

Your challenge is to show up each week and make one change in your business. This is how you make your dream real!

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You’re not going to follow a formula.

You are going to follow a map. A map that lays out all the areas you need to explore to create the business you want and fulfil your dreams. You are the navigator of your business and you can steer it to wherever you want to go.  You will:

  • Discover how to choose your customers wisely.
  • Uncover a brand that represents the truth of you.
  • Find your sweet spot in the marketplace so you can rise above the noise.
  • Build a strategy to turn ideal prospects into satisfied customers.
  • Unlock your story and understand how to use storytelling effectively in your website, your social media and in every encounter with your chosen customers.
  • Know how to price your products and budget for your own success.
  • Connect all the dots of your business into a plan that you will find easy to stick to because it’s grounded in true possibility.
  • Think abundantly and then apply a practical approach to make your dream real. 

Get the clarity you are looking for. Clarity around how to pitch yourself to the market, whether you have the right product, and what to say. Clarity to know what steps to take to get the results you have only imagined up until now. 

By the end of this programme, you will have become your own marketing expert.

I want to Get Strategic Get Results™

“THE best program, bar none, for building your business message”

- Robin Rice, Author, Social Change Artist, Mentor to Leaders Around the World

Get a proven process that has delivered 7 Figure sales results 

I've been where you are and I've worked with high performers all over the world delivering 7 Figure revenue results for so many of my clients using this process. 

I’m Finola Howard and I’ve been a Brand & Marketing Strategist and Thinking Partner to businesses that want to scale since 1992. This programme brings together that experience and takes you through the exact same process I go through with my clients. I’m not going to pretend it’s easy. It takes work, but if you’re willing to do the work, you will get the results. 

My success has been built on going deeper to uncover the beautiful truth of the businesses I work with. It's been built on connecting the dots across the entire business and then unleashing that in marketing processes that deliver real impact.  

Marketing is your truth told. Great marketing is your truth shared. 

The first step on the journey is to access your own truth and share it. The second step is to find your tribe - those customers that love you and what you can do for them – those customers who want to share your truth with others. That step requires an engine to reach those people and tap into them. You will build that engine during this programme. 

Are you ready to get started?

Yes! Let's Do This!

Uncover the beautiful truth of your business

When you know who you are and what your purpose is and you share that, you will attract people who believe in you.

During this methodical and practical programme, you will:


You will have identified that thing, unique to you, that makes you different to everyone else. Only you can do what you do, in this way.

You will see how your purpose, properly positioned will help you stand out above everyone else in the marketplace.

It will be that niche that you can own profitably and sustainably.

This will be your space & your customers will find you here.


This is where strategy meets action. It's where we focus on the "How to's" of your marketing process.

How to be in each channel, what your key messages are and how to repurpose content in a way that helps you scale your reach and potential for sales.

You will build a marketing engine that aligns your brand with your target market and drives growth consistently. 

This is how you will grow your business!


We set the intent from the very beginning to build the business you always dreamed of. That requires planning. It will be strategic and actionable. You will know the milestones you need to hit at each point in the short and in the long term.

You'll know the business model that works for you and how the cash will flow.

This is great marketing and great marketing connects all the dots.

Now you KNOW how great marketing works!

If you follow the map, you will find that marketing becomes something that flows naturally and that your customers are calling to you to find them.

Get Strategic Get Results™ does not only provide you with a map, you will also have a community of cheerleaders to support you with me by your side guiding you on your journey.

“Very structured with excellent templates to work through the entire process. It goes beyond the normal marketing elements and tools. Highly Recommended.”

- Liam Curham, Dataworks

Get Strategic - Across All Devices

What does Get Strategic Get Results™ look like in practice?

Get Strategic is a self-led 12 module programme which you can take at your own pace. I recommend one module per week and if you need to take things slower, then do so. 

Work at the pace that fits you and your business. 

The programme is in two parts.

The first is strategy and foundation, the second is implementation. This means you will not just learn the theory and have your marketing on paper, but you will apply it to your business and see the results. You will notice a difference in your business from the first module. People always make changes as the insights come. 

You will get:

  • Videos which walk you through each step of the process.
  • Worksheets so you don’t just watch, you do the work.
  • Feedback opportunities with every lesson so you can test how to apply the insights to your business.
  • Blueprints for your Sales Pages, Ad Campaigns, Webinar Deck, Sales Deck and an Investment Pitch Deck to make it easy for you to apply these to your own business and more.
  • A dedicated community where you can cheer each other on and share when business is tough or the work is hard.
  • Twice yearly, group training where Finola walks through the entire program over a 12 week period. This is our 12 Week Guided Challenge.
  • Monthly live Q&A sessions where you can get your questions answered live.
  • A monthly member spotlight where we work specifically on member businesses.
  • An accountability buddy so you don’t have to make this journey alone. 

I will be available through the working week to help you if you get stuck.  

It’s time for every step you take to feed your own growth. You are going to build your business in a way that is consistent with who you are and what you dreamed of. 

BUY FOR €1,295

BONUS! Register Today and Join the 12 Week Challenge & Group Coaching Program. 

We'll start by understanding where you are in your specific business. You'll be guided through each module in weekly group coaching sessions on zoom with me, Finola Howard. I'll map a series of actions each week that will create the biggest impact for you from each module. 

Your challenge is to show up each week and make one change in your business. This is how you make your dream real!

We start 1st February - Sign Up Today to Secure Your Spot!


Can You Tell Me More About Your Rental Option?

I created Get Strategic Get Results™ because I saw so many businesses struggling. They needed help and they couldn’t afford the big ticket programmes.

Our mission is to make great marketing possible for as many businesses as we can. We want to support those amazing and courageous entrepreneurs who take that leap to follow their dream to make it real.

That is why we have created the option to rent this powerful programme. 

So, you can have full access to the program, the support systems, Q&A's, everything... for just €50 per month.

Rent it, follow the steps and complete the programme. 

You can stop paying for it at any time but if you do so before completing the course, you will lose access to it. 

Once you complete the programme and can show me that you have done the work, then I will give you lifetime access to it for no further charge.

Your monthly payments will stop and you will be rewarded with full access to the program itself and the community for as long as they exist. They are the perfect companion as you continue to grow your business.

I Want to RENT Get Strategic Get Results™

Frequently Asked Questions

“This very methodical approach really helped us understand our customer on a different level than before. We now have a proper marketing structure for the future.”

- Michael Healy, Nutriscience

Build, scale and grow the business you always dreamed of having with Get Strategic Get Results™ 

You are going to combine strategy with action and focus on the things you can do which will act as levers in your business. You will not waste time on the things that don’t make a difference. 

You’re going to do marketing a different way. One that feels like you and speaks to your customers in a way that resonates and speaks to what they need. 

You will uncover your unique brand and position yourself so you own a space in the marketplace that your competitors cannot match you on. 

You will choose customers that you are best equipped to serve so you don’t waste time on the customers that are not right for you. 

You will dig deep to understand the needs of those chosen customers and how you can reach them in a way that translates into sales again and again. 

You will learn how to share your story in a way that connects with your chosen customers AND the growth of your business. 

You will know how to use the appropriate social media platforms to grow your business. 

You will build marketing systems that still have that personal touch and the ability to build meaningful connections with more of your chosen customers. 

You will build an action plan that maps every milestone you need to hit to make your dream real. You will know what to do quarter by quarter and month by month. You will know who you need to help you at each step of the way and how to budget for each step of your growth. 

You will be mentored and supported every step of the way. 

Get Strategic Get Results™ will be your companion on your business journey as you make your dream real.

Beautiful possibilities quickly become the norm when you decide them to be. Let’s make your dream real.

I Want To BUY Get Strategic Get Results™
I Want To RENT Get Strategic Get Results™