give your business the edge

How to Use Market Research to Give your Business the Edge

This week we’re delighted to welcome back guest author Derbhile Graham to the HowGMW blog. Derbhile recently completed Module 5 of our signature program, “Get Strategic, Get Results” which looks at the importance of effective market research, and how to use it to give your business the edge. Here, Derbhile shares her thoughts on the process … Continued

You are Remarkable - Yes You!

You are Remarkable, YES YOU!

Not so long ago, the core strategy of business was to find more efficient ways to manufacture a product so that better margins could be achieved and we could sell more to the consumer. As time went on more and more businesses entered the market with their versions or alternatives of those core products and … Continued


You Don’t Have To Be A Rock Star To Reinvent Yourself

Over the course of a lifetime, workers and entrepreneurs alike have been forced to reinvent themselves due to both social and economic factors.Whether it be the collapse of a market  or if a business model has been rendered useless, reinvention is the cornerstone for entrepreneurial success.   The 90’s was a generation defined by entrepreneurs, … Continued