give your business the edge

How to Use Market Research to Give your Business the Edge

This week we’re delighted to welcome back guest author Derbhile Graham to the HowGMW blog. Derbhile recently completed Module 5 of our signature program, “Get Strategic, Get Results” which looks at the importance of effective market research, and how to use it to give your business the edge. Here, Derbhile shares her thoughts on the process … Continued

Facebook Group

How to Build a Great Facebook Group

I’m part of quite a number of groups on Facebook. The Facebook Group was designed to be an online community where like-minded people could connect and share information and ideas. Sadly, many of the Facebook groups I’ve seen, particularly in the business world, don’t always fit this bill. So often, I’ve seen that some Facebook groups … Continued

ask the expert make it virtual

Feature Roll Up: Ask the Expert. Make it Virtual

Delighted to share with you the latest of our planned Feature Roll Ups for the How Great Marketing Works experience. It’s our Ask the Expert service and Mentoring is a Vital Ingredient Mentoring is a critical component of all successful Entrepreneurship. You can read about it in most entrepreneurial publications that talk about the ingredients for business success. … Continued