4 Reasons to Get Strategic and Get Results

4 Reasons to Get Strategic and Get Results!

We wave the many hats about like it’s a badge of honour when really, as an entrepreneur we need to focus on how they all fit together. They are each and every one, critical components in a sea of decisions that must be made every single day. We must be both Visionary and Implementer until we can hire those who can implement for us.


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Strategic Thinkers see how it all connects. They can see how 1 and 4 can make 9 if they move the pieces around this way and that. Otherwise, we’ll get the same results as everyone else. And that’s never the objective.


The objective of the strategic thinker is to discover the leaps that can be made by seeing the bigger picture. Click To Tweet


When you get strategic in your business, you discover something very tangible that can shape your success. You discover how to find your sweet spot in the market place and express that in a brand that’s built on truth.

Your brand becomes the bridge you need between strategy and action in your own marketing process and all three of these together crystallise into a living, objective led business plan that touches every part of the business.


Get Strategic Get Results The Process

Your 4 Reasons to Get Strategic and Get Results!


  1. You Find your Sweet Spot and Understand How to Future Proof it
    It’s your point of difference that’s not just for this moment in time but one that’s aligned with specific customers where the real opportunities lie. When you get strategic, you find the fit between the present and the future.
  2. You Uncover Your Brand
    In this process you don’t build a brand. you don’t create a brand. You uncover the truth that is already there and build from this point. You uncover something remarkable, something memorable and something true. And that is something that can never be copied.
  3. You Unlock Your Process; One that is Unique to You
    When you get strategic, you learn what’s out there that works and apply those insights into how you roll out the actions in our business. It’s a formula that is always unique to you. Not wholly unique. Why reinvent the wheel? It’s about cherry picking the bits that fit and then add your own unique way of doing things to the mix.
  4. You Write a Living Business Plan that is Objective Led
    It’s a plan that sees how everything fits together. Just so. This is a plan, capable of adapting to new information and updates accordingly. It is the perfect marriage between Long Term Vision and Short Term Action. It works because you work it. And that’s the difference.


This is what it means to get strategic

It’s about thinking differently and doing differently as a result. And this type of thinking can be taught.  You can learn it. You can learn how to get strategic in your business. And you can learn that when you get strategic, you get results!


I know because I built a program that teaches you each component part one step at a time, layer upon layer so you never get overwhelmed. It’s designed so you can build on each learning and before you know it, this new way of thinking about your business becomes automatic.


You can follow it in a straight line making changes to your business at each point. You can use it to dip into and still understand how everything connects. You’ll know because I leave you road signs everywhere.


It’s constantly updated so that newer techniques replace the old ones while the foundational elements remain steadfast.


And when you need support you can share ideas and challenges with other entrepreneurs on the same journey or you can choose to add some mentoring to the mix. Sometimes a little one on one time is all you need to stay on track.


If you’d like to know more why not check out our FREE 14 Day Trial:


Get Strategic FREE 14 Day Trial


And let me know how you get on. I’d love to hear your thoughts.



THE best program, bar none, for building your business message – at $12 a month, it is truly a gift. Take it from me, this is MY business mentor.

Robin Rice, RobinRice.com and BeWhoYouAre.com.


After a several attempts over the years to address the marketing side of our business with the aid of different marketing companies, we finally found someone who offered something different. Get Strategic… Get Results! was very structured and provided excellent templates to work through the entire process. In fact, it went beyond the normal marketing elements and tools. It was very much a strategic look at our overall business, the direction we were taking and the internal structures. What I liked most was Finola’s ability to take us out of our comfort zone and challenge us. She has a unique approach and our one-on-one sessions as part of the course were extremely beneficial. I would highly recommend Finola Howard, and Get Strategic… Get Results!

Liam Curham, Dataworks.ie


I have been blown away by the logical way in which Finola Howard presents the material in Get Strategic… Get Results! It is immediately useful, and you gain immense clarity into your own personality as well as where your business is at.  The pace is great as there’s no chance of trying to do it all at once and not doing it properly!

Philipa Jane Farley, ProPrivacy.ie


Get Strategic… Get Results! is the single most important thing to bring the most value to my business right now.

Jannettje Van Leeuwen, IQ Branding Solutions and Noso Journal


I am blown away by this Program, it’s so well structured, super easy to follow. I’m not a fan of long written articles but the ones in this program are short, well written and I have the option to watch the video or read…or both if I wish. I love how everyone’s needs have been catered for it is very well thought out. Not to mention an amazing support system. Thank you Finola this is superb!

Rachel Dubber, Rachel Dubber Design


This program is absolutely brilliant. I’ve been doing it for just over a month and already it has given me a huge amount of focus for my work.  I’m already learning practical skills that I can apply to my business and the structure of the program has really increased my levels of productivity.  Not to mention the incredible support system that goes with it!  I would recommend this to anyone, whatever stage you’re at with your business.

Aoife Barrett, Print Van Go


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