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MiniCourse: How To Build Your Most Effective Marketing Campaign Ever 🏆

Every Business Has a Story to Tell.  It’s How The Market Decides Whether To Buy Or Not.

They make that decision based on YOUR voice and YOUR story and how it resonates with them and THEIR STORY.


The challenge when we create a marketing campaign is that often someone else’s voice creeps in. We write what we think we “should” or what someone else told us to write. When you do that you can lose your own unique voice in the mix.

And that’s the piece your customers love about you in the first place!


I want to show you how to tell your story – the one your customer wants to hear – in all its layers and through all the channels your customer is active in.

We’ll get very practical as I show you how to end the overwhelm and build a marketing campaign that works for YOUR business in just 30 Days, with expert help every step of the way.


30 Day Marketing Campaign Builder Mini Course


Being Prepared Will Beat The Overwhelm!

The best way to overcome the overwhelm is to be prepared. I’ll show you how to be prepared to make your best choices about:

🌟 What Kind of Marketing Campaign You Need for Your Business?
You could be creating a campaign to build brand awareness, to grow a list, to sell tickets to an event, to sell a product / service or something else…

🌟 Which Offer Will You Make To Which Customer?
What’s the best fit for the person you are targeting and the relationship you want to build with them in your business?

🌟 What Messaging Will Work Best For You In Each Channel?
How will you integrate it all so it works seamlessly together?

🌟 What Should I Measure & How Will I Tweak It?
The secret to great conversion is in adjusting based on what works and letting go of what doesn’t.


That’s what this 30 Day, Step by Step Mini-Course is all about! It’s about breaking it all down so that you know you have all the bases covered. It’s about equipping you with templates you can use as a starting point and showing you how to customise it for the voice of your business.


We’ll follow my TRIED AND TESTED CAMPAIGN PROCESS TOGETHER. That means you’ll get feedback at every point as you customise it to suit your business. This way, you will be able to tweak each step as you go.


And in 30 Days you will be ready to launch your best marketing campaign ever!


Feedback On Courses With Finola Howard

👍 “…hands down the best practical course on marketing I have ever attended. So much inspiration, great content and “aha” moments – all delivered in a fun and extremely interactive fashion.” Denise, Fertility Specialist

👍 “… such a practical, hands on, educational course… loved all the worksheets. You explain things so clearly and I got such benefit, that I have no doubt it will help me grow my business and scale up! Thank You!” Irene, Health Products

👍 “The pace is great as there’s no chance of trying to do it all at once and not doing it properly!.”  Philipa, Privacy Specialist


Let’s Help The Market Decide On You! 🤗


⬇ Click on the Link Below and Reserve Your Seat for this 30 Day Campaign Builder Mini-Course and you’ll learn how to Build Your Most Effective Marketing Campaign Ever!


30 Day Marketing Campaign Builder Mini Course


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