Insider Invitations: One More Reason to Subscribe

There’s been a lot of discussion and indeed panic around the subject of the European Data Protection Legislation (GDPR) that’s being enforced as of May 25th, 2018.  When the discussion starts I find myself being glad that consumers are being protected in this way. In fact, I take the view that not only consumers are being … Continued

Joanne Sweeney Burke - Signifcance

Joanne Sweeney Burke: As Human Beings we need to have Significance

Meet Joanne Sweeney Burke, CEO of Digital Training Institute. She is a former broadcast journalist, PR lecturer and CEO in various roles. Apart from being a busy entrepreneur she is also a published author. See She is an international speaker and a highly sought after digital marketing trainer. The thing that always strikes me about … Continued

Claim Your Space - Womens Inspire

Womens Inspire 2018: Insights from the Best

The Theme for this year’s Womens Inspire Network Conference in Galway was “Claim Your Space and Own It!”. The focus was strongly on Brand and Identity and how Building Your Brand is a critical ingredient to your Business Growth. Womens Inspire Events are Unique Womens Inspire Events are unique in the honesty and openness amongst … Continued

Low Hanging Fruit

How To Avoid The Low Hanging Fruit Dilemma

In any business strategy there is always a dilemma around targeting the perceived Low Hanging Fruit. Low Hanging Fruit is a term coined to express ‘picking’ off business that is there at hand so that you have the cash flow to move on to the next stage of your business.  Reference the Urban Dictionary for a definition. … Continued

Competitor Analysis

The Lost Art of Competitor Analysis & How to Perfect it

As a practical marketing tool, competitor analysis is one of the most useful and most grounded. It identifies both the similarities and differences between players in the marketplace and most importantly it identifies clear gaps that have yet to be tapped and leveraged. Competitor Analysis It is however, one of the least used and maintained … Continued

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